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ファイブワン銀座本店 Fiveone Ginza Salon


営業時間: 平日・土曜日 11:00 - 20:00
(ラストオーダー 19:00)
日曜日 11:00 - 18:00
定休日: 月曜日
Open: Weekdays / Saturday 11:00 to 20:00
(Last order 19:00)
Sunday / 11:00 to 18:00
Closed: Monday

ファイブワン大阪本店 Fiveone Osaka Salon


営業時間: 平日・日曜日 11:00 - 19:00
定休日: 月曜日
Open: Weekdays / Sunday 11:00 to 19:00
Closed: Monday


ファイブワン富山店 Fiveone Toyama


営業時間: 11:00 - 20:00
定休日: 水曜日
Open: 11:00 to 20:00
Closed: Wednesday

ファイブワン射水店 Fiveone Imizu


営業時間: 11:00 - 20:00
定休日: 水曜日
Open: 11:00 to 20:00
Closed: Wednesday

ファイブワン静岡店 Fiveone Shizuoka


営業時間: 11:00 - 20:00
定休日: 木曜日
Open: 11:00 to 20:00
Closed: Thursday


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よくあるご質問 FAQ

割引キャンペーンは行っていますか? Do you provide a special discount offer?
基本的に、「通常商品」における割引キャンペーンは行っておりません。特に同じ商品の場合、購入のタイミングによって、お客様間で不公平が生じてしまうことがあるからです。ただ、ファイブワン会員様には、ファクトリーにて在庫生地が生じた場合など、『特別なキャンペーン情報』をDM・メール等でお知らせしております。 Basically, we do not provide any special discount offer for standard products as there is a possibility that unfairness between customers occurs depending on the timing of purchase (Especially when same products are purchased). However, we inform a special campaign information exclusively to Fiveone members by direct mails or e-mails when there is a good stock of textile at the factory and so on.
初回での所要時間はどれくらいですか? How long does it take for the first visit at salon?
平均約50分です。ただし、生地選び、採寸からシルエット構築で、お時間を多く頂戴する場合もあります。ゆっくり選びたい、じっくりシルエットを決めたいというご要望にはきっちり時間をかけて対応致しますので、ご安心ください。 It takes approximately 50 minutes on average. However, there is a case to take more time for selecting textile, measuring body size and construction of silhouette. Please be assured that we take enough time for the customers who prefer to select each detail and silhouette without haste.
取り扱い生地について教えてください。 What kind of textiles do you have?
イギリス、イタリアの生地を中心に多数ご用意しております。創業以来40年以上、生地ブランドと信頼関係を築いて参りましたので、日本国内では手に入りにくい高品質な生地を取り扱うとともに、適正価格でご提供しております。 We have variety of textiles mainly made in Italy and England. Since the day of establishment, we have developed a high degree of trust with textile brands and companies for more than 40 years. Therefore, we have managed to deal with various textiles with high-quality which are not easy to get in Japan, and at the same time, we can provide products at the fair price.
レディースの取り扱いはありますか? Do you deal with womenswear?
レディースも取り扱っております。各店舗には女性フィッターが常駐しておりますので、女性のお客様も安心してオーダースーツをお作り頂けます。ぜひとも細かくご要望をおっしゃってください。 Yes, we also deal with womenswear. Female customer can make a custom-made suit in a comfortable environment as there is on-site female staff at every salon. Please do not hesitate to tell your requests in detail.
大切な人にスーツをプレゼントしたいのですが、可能ですか? I would like to give the suit as a present. Is it possible to do so?
個人のお客様では『結納返し』が、法人のお客様では『社員に対する福利厚生や取引会社へのプレゼント』などの需要を多く頂いております。そんなプレゼント用途にあわせて、価格ライン別に「お仕立て券」をご用意しております。 As there were many requests from existing customers, we have made the ‘tailoring ticket’ that can be given to someone precious for you. You can choose the one which is suitable for your purpose from various price range.
For instance, there is an official ceremony known as a ‘Yuino’ in Japan, which is held between families of groom and bride and the matchmaker as a proof of engagement. The groom’s family gives betrothal money and the bride’s family gives a present in return. The tailoring ticket is quite popular among individual customer on this occasion. Besides, it is given as employee welfare benefits and gifts for client companies.
別料金がかかるのはどんな場合ですか? In what kind of situation do you charge for extra fee?
We charge for extra fee only when massive alteration in silhouette is needed. For example, if the width of lapel needs to be altered by more than 6mm, subsequently to this change, some parts of jacket such as crease line need a considerable amount of alteration.
However, it is highly rare to have additional option which costs extra charge as all necessary details such as buttons (shells, buffalo-horn, nuts or woods), linings, pockets and surgeon’s cuffs are included within the basic charge. If there is anything you are unclear on, please feel free to contact us by phone.
納期(約35日)を早めることはできますか? Is it possible to advance the delivery of products (approximately 35 days)?
時期(ファクトリーの繁忙期・閑散期)にもよりますが、特急料金(9,600円)にて、1週間程度短縮できる場合もあります。予約時にその都度ご相談下さい。 It depends on the season such as peak period or slack period at the factory though, there is a case that we can advance the delivery by approximately 1week at express fee(9,600yen+tax). Please feel free to ask at the time of making an appointment.
他社の採寸データや既存のスーツを持ち込んで、全く同じものを作れますか? Is it possible to tailor the exact same suit with size data measured by other company or existing suit?
全く同じものはできない可能性がありますので、弊社で再度採寸して頂くことを強くお勧めします。そもそもブランドによって「パターン(型)」が違いますので、採寸データをそのまま投入しても全く同じシルエットにはならない可能性があるからです。ただし、このスーツの何が好きで、どのあたりが気に入っているかをお聞かせて頂いて、お客様のお求めになるイメージを限りなく再現させて頂くことは可能です。 There is a possibility which cannot be made completely the same. We strongly recommend to re-measure the accurate size at salon because patterns differ from one brand to another in the first place. Therefore, the silhouette might turn out to be different even if previously measured data was used just as it is at our factory.
However, there is a certain potential to reproduce the desirable image of customer by listening carefully to the needs and examining the wants. For instance, what he likes about the suit or which part of jacket he especially likes and so on.
予約制ですか? Do I need to make an appointment?
予約制をとっております。一人ひとりのお客様に最適な環境をご提供したいからです。お客様のご要望を承っている際に次のお客様がいらっしゃると、先の方の気が散ってしまい、ゆっくりとスーツ選びをできないことがあるからです。ただし、予約後にご来店されても、気に入った生地を決めかねるなどして、ご購入されずに帰られるお客様もいらっしゃるので、『予約制』についてあまり重たく考えなくても大丈夫です。 Yes, we serve customers by appointment as we would like to provide the best environment for each person to make a custom-made suit. For instance, if next customer arrives while the first customer is still deciding details of suits, he might lose his concentration and feel uncomfortable. Situation like this happens and we think it should be avoided as much as possible.
However, there is a case when a customer cannot decide the textile to use and ends up leaving without ordering, even if he made an appointment for visiting our salon. Therefore, there is no need to think too serious about appointments.
スーツの他に何を扱っていますか? What kind of items do you have besides suits?
オーダーシャツ・ネクタイを取り扱っております。 We have wide range of custom-made shirts and ties.
スーツの「お直し」は可能ですか? Is it possible to get the suits altered?
もちろん可能です。ただし、ファイブワンでご購入の商品に限らせて頂きます。他店で購入されたスーツは、品質に保証が持てませんので、取扱いできかねますことをご了承ください。 Certainly, it is possible. However, we only alter the products that is purchased at Fiveone. Please note that we cannot deal with suits by other brands as we cannot guarantee the product quality.